Jesus Christ Baptist Church

  • No New Year Without The New Birth27:51
  • The Heartache Of Mary28:13
  • Something Better Than Baby Jesus28:08
  • No Room28:09
  • Death Takes No Holiday26:31
  • The Great Question28:00
  • The Atonement For Yourselves28:11
  • Sin Is Like Leprosy28:19
  • A Look At Reality28:09
  • Jesus Said28:05
  • Warning Others28:02
  • Treasure For The Righteous; Trouble For The Wicked27:58
  • Come Unto Me And Rest28:20
  • A Creature Of God Or A Child Of God28:12
  • We Have Redemption Through His Blood28:15
  • Ready For Salvation27:33
  • Deception27:38
  • Hiding Behind A Refuge Of Lies26:31
  • Jesus; A Friend Of Sinners27:17
  • Weep For Yourselves And For Your Children27:40
  • Judgment To Come27:52
  • Harden Not Your Hearts27:08
  • When A Christian Goes Astray26:56
  • Death Shall Feed On You27:04
  • What Shall A Young Man Cleanse His Way26:43
  • When David Sinned27:23

Charles A McKinney


"...Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not  prevail against it" Matthew 16:18

Hour Of Salvation

Sunday Morning        11:00 am

Sunday Night             6:00 pm

Wednesday Night      6:30 pm

Worship Times