Worship Times 

Jesus Christ Baptist Church

  • The Torments Of Hell0:00
  • A Lost Family0:00
  • Flee From The Wrath To Come0:00
  • The Way To Hell0:00
  • Peace Misplaced0:00
  • Tradition0:00
  • Do Not Frustrate The Grace Of God0:00
  • They Crucified Him And I'm Glad They Did0:00
  • A Scene In The Synagogue0:00
  • How To Hang Yourself0:00
  • Blinded By Satan0:00
  • Judgment Without Mercy0:00
  • You Should Have Repented Long Ago0:00
  • What You Think Makes A Difference0:00
  • Go, Run, And Perish0:00
  • Judging Yourselves Unworthty Of Eternal Life0:00
  • Tomorrow Is Not Promised But Death Is0:00
  • What Demas Found In Thessalonica0:00
  • Hell Has Only One Door0:00
  • Faith Alone0:00
  • The Blood0:00
  • He Went Out0:00
  • Be Sure That You Have Missed Hell0:00
  • The Gospel, Take It Or Leave It27:03
  • Condemned Already0:00
  • Why The World Rejected Jesus0:00
  • When God Turns His Back0:00
  • But As Many0:00
  • The Pulling Down Of Strong Holds0:00
  • The Two Greatest Opportunities28:12
  • In Due Time28:16
  • At Midnight26:56
  • Casting Down Imaginations26:55
  • In The Valley Of Decision26:55
  • Going To Hell Like A Bullet26:52
  • Space To Repent26:54
  • A Lost Family27:52

Charles A McKinney


"...Upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not  prevail against it" Matthew 16:18

Hour Of Salvation

Sunday Morning        11:00 am

Sunday Night             6:00 pm

Wednesday Night      6:30 pm